4 Steps to Get Paid for Your Wisdom


I’m going to let you in on a little secret — you can get paid for your wisdom, opinions, thoughts, and perspectives.

This is how you will stand out as a leader to help people open up to new ways of thinking that lead to bold actions for positive change.

It’s not widely known. It’s not mainstream, yet. And there is a lot of criticism for those who do it: those who attempt to turn their voices into actual income.

There are a few charlatans out there that claim to help people make a million dollars in mere hours. That’s not real. Those people ruin it for the authentic people.

But authentic people can get paid for their wisdom. In fact, the people who criticize people who get paid for their wisdom are often the exact people that consume it (and need it).

Every time you read a book, watch anything on TV, or go to any live event, you're actually paying someone else for his or her unique thoughts, perspective, and wisdom. They are packaging their wisdom into something consumable that is enjoyable and helps you improve your life.

Studies show that the richest 1% of the population owns more wealth than the rest, and those who share their wise perspectives on how others can get the same wealth or satisfaction is even smaller. The other 99% want to reach the top also but fall short.

So how do you become part of that 1%?

Here are four steps that you can take now to get on a solid path to join the ranks of the most influential Thought Leaders around the world:

  1. Share Your Boldest Thoughts:
    1. Your unique wisdom is as valuable as anyone else’s. And I mean as much as: Kings, queens, presidents, Nobel Peace Prize Winners, child prodigies, astronauts, physicists — you name it! Your DNA, life story and experiences are one-of-kind which means that sharing your perspective leaves a legacy that no one else can leave behind except you.
  2. Organize Your Signature System:
    1. Organize the best of what you know and put it into your very own signature system. You know how lots of people out there have problems? I'm sure you've learned a lot along the way lessons that helped you become the amazing person that you are today, and that wisdom can help others too. What's the difference with popular mentors who transform lives for the better by helping people solve these problems? Nothing, except they've followed a system to reach millions that need help and monetized it.
  3. Create A Revenue Stream Based Off Your Wisdom:
    1. No matter what you do, where you work, or what you sell, you should always have at least one revenue stream based off your biggest life lessons. It is the most honorable thing in the world to get paid to change someone's life and this is your legacy. The transformation goes deeper than the paycheck, as studies show that people are more committed to get results when they put their money where their mouth is. They'll take action, so as not to lose their investment. One of the best practices for creating a revenue stream is to create an online course. People pay over a billion dollars annually for online courses and that market is only going to get bigger!
  4. Get Expert Help
    1. Ask someone on how to do this properly. Like most people, you're trained to help others, but you are not trained in how to document your wisdom. So work with someone who is an expert in helping people create online courses that share wisdom that make the world a better place for all.

My clients in the Art of Thought Leadership Program are changing the world with their wisdom right now. Some of the signature wisdom-based online courses include helping people:

– Master the art of speaking and presenting to a global audience

– Get clarity on their niche, attract new clients, and finally run the business of their dreams

– Live an amazing and adventurous life, even after the age of 50

– Overcome tragic accidents and disabilities, and still come out confident and inspirational to others.

And most importantly, these people are finally reaching their dreams by sharing their wisdom to help others and are getting paid for it. This could be you. In fact, with so many problems that still exist in the world, we need you! Please don't miss out on this opportunity to leave an unforgettable legacy with these simple four steps.