This is your MASTERQUEST.
Follow your own path, not someone else’s script from society.

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We live in a complex world that is in constant change and flux, but those dreams you had as a child still await you. Get the respect you are worth and break free from your old programming.

Whether you’re constantly running on the treadmill of life or already successful yet still haven’t reached your fullest potential, you can take your life to the next level and leave a footprint for mankind that will last forever.

Different Is The New Normal

Having multiple passions, interests, jobs, and ambitions is the new norm. This is not a problem, but in fact a precious gift. The new generation of global visionaries are diverse, eccentric, determined, and always changing.

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From Orphan To Celebrity Talent Scout to Buddhist Nun…

I was almost 30 years old when I arrived in Myanmar (Burma) to have my head shaved at a monastery in Yangon. I sat down on a wooden chair in the middle of the monastery courtyard that gave way to a full view of curled barbed wire lining the walls of the premises and the armed guards at the gate. This gave me an alarming sense of comfort as I knew I could not leave. An old nun grabbed an old rusty single-blade razor and a cold bucket of water. I frantically prayed to Jesus that he wouldn’t strike me down with lightning. Surely, ordaining as a Buddhist nun and vowing to live in silence would be considered a major sin according to the Bible I had been strictly raised on.

Oh, shit. What was I getting myself into? Read more about my Masterquest to find the true meaning of solitude, freedom, and love here.


Hi I'm Karin Roest!

I was born in Korea, adopted by Dutch-American parents, and raised in a family with five nationalities in the Pacific Northwest. I have spent the last 20 years living in Africa, Latin America, and Asia on the ultimate, unplanned, fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants Masterquest. From dodging bullets and bombs in Sudan to meditating for one year in silence in Myanmar to non-stop partying as a global producer and celebrity scout in 40 countries, I have pretty much seen and done it all (get the full story here).
by sharing A-LIST insider info and powerful confidence boosters that help Big Thinkers make their biggest impact. I’ve worked behind the scenes for fifteen years with celebrities and public figures who impact millions of lives around the world. And I promise that you are just as extraordinary as they are.
Today I help ordinary people reach their extraordinary dreams. Only when each and every part of you is in full alignment with your soul, are you fully enabled to make the most powerful contribution to the world; as well as lead a beautiful life, maintain a sustainable income, and find happiness.

The World is waiting. And with all of us leading, it is a beautiful one indeed.


The Road to Self-Liberation

You have the power to liberate yourself from self-doubt, judgment, and criticism anytime you want, and you can learn the right techniques to do it. Learning how to control your mind instead of letting it control you is a sacred process that helps you harness your fragilities from the past to find strength for the future.

No one should be limited by their background, ethnicity, finances, social status, gender, or age.

We stand united by something much bigger than what we do…
Our Depth, Contribution, and Commitment to make the world a better place.

Because Thought Leadership is the fastest way to spark change in the world.

That’s why understanding the science that demystifies what it really takes to make a global impact is so important.


…And with every Thought Leader who Masters their Quest, the world becomes that much better for all.

So here’s THE PATH to leave an Unforgettable Footprint in the World;
starting with:

  • STEP 1: Who you are

    Your Identity upon which Your Legacy is Built

  • STEP 2: What you stand for

    Your Movement to Unite the Masses & Tribe

  • STEP 3: Why you exist

    Inspire Action that Creates a Better World for all Humanity

  • STEP 4: How you package

    Offer Priceless Value & Earn Purposeful Profits

  • STEP 5: Where you share

    Market, Influence, & Master the Road Less Traveled

One thing alone always struck me about the famous and powerful:
They are all just like you and me.
With the right mindset, a proven system, and some serious soul searching,
you too can create a message and a vision that resonates around the world.

Join my FREE TRAINING to learn the

5 Steps to Become Purposely Famous And Inspire Millions With Your Message


A soul with depth dives deeper than what a body can shelter, the earth can fathom, and the heart can see

At the end of the day, it is up to you to befriend the darkness within which becomes the bridge to your brightest destination. You simply need a guide with the wisdom from their own Masterquest to stand by you every step of the way to help make Your own Path a reality.

So Adopt A Bright Future & Master The Road Travelled Less


No matter where you were born,
Who you were raised with,
Where you live,
Or what you do,
You can live a radiant life.


For all the people around the world who feel like they’ve never been good enough, for those who have been silenced or suffered and see no way out, and for others who find themselves trapped in vicious cycles of self-sabotage and doubt, this is your awakening for self-acceptance, certainty, and liberation to reclaim your past and present dreams. With each person who is able to Master their Quest and come into their own, the world becomes a better place for all mankind.

Your Journey. Our World.

There is a global community of Bright Futurists out there who are waiting to connect with you. Your life experiences, fears, and breakthroughs matter to us all. Leave your email address here to become part of a truly revolutionary force for the present & future!